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Hello! If you're looking to contact the Future Best Seller Podcast team, then you're in the right place! And we'd be delighted to hear from you! Unless you're mean, in which case, we might just ignore you. But if you're friendly, or at least funny, we'd love to hear from you! Please use the form below. 

Contact Details

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However, if you're looking to reach one of the hosts in particular... 

Phillip Drayer Duncan can be reached over at

J.H. Fleming can be contacted at

And Chris... Well, Chris doesn't want to be reached. However, if you insist, then reach out to Phill through the Twitterverse and tweet @ him what you want to say to Chris. Don't forget to include #ChrisSoundsHot. If you do all of that, Phill might just pass the message along for you. 

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